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Travelling with your babies takes a lot more effort than you thought. You can still have fun and travel to such places. You may have a fear of something bad happening, and these kinds of phobias can be overcome by getting to know the unfamiliar! Discover the facts about your anxieties (by putting them into perspective), the location you intend to visit, and what to do if something unexpectedly goes wrong.

Travelling with children needs planning and a modicum of intelligence. Here are some of the small and large precautions we take to protect our children's health and safety when on the road. Here are Top 9  travel safety tips for babies- 

1. Check the security of your destination-

Before visiting any country it is vital to know if the country is safe for you or your kids? There are various questions that may come to your mind. Look at the history of terrorist attacks, natural disasters, bombings, or anything like that, if you get to know something like that, then DO NOT PLAN A TRIP to that place.

security of destination

2. Vaccinate your kid-

Proper vaccination and medication should be done before going on a vacation. Make sure your baby gets all the vaccinations on time so no bacteria or any virus can affect them. Parents should also get the required vaccination to make their safety. 

kids vaccination

3. Make sure you have travel insurance- 

Travel insurance is a useful thing to have. It secures your international trips and allows you to travel freely without any second thoughts or fear in your mind. No matter how alert you stay, kids can still harm themselves, so if anything happens like that, you can get your treatment there quickly.

travel insurance

4. Child Proof the Place-

Contact the hotel where you are staying or choose a place that is specially designed in a way that kids will remain safe. It is not possible to stop kids every time, they too want to enjoy themselves. So you better get a place which is safe, or you can carry the proofing kit with you. 

child proof home

5. Keep kids occupied- 

Sitting idle will make them mischievous, so keep them occupied. That does not mean that they can watch the screen all the time, take some board games along or plan something that keeps them busy. Constantly using a phone, laptop or tab can harm their eyes. You can read them a story or talk to them during the journey. 

keep kids occupied

6. Pack a medical kit- 

This is a must-have for any journey or any trip; you ought to have a medical kit and basic medicines with you. If your family member or your child is suffering from any disease then carry extra pills or be prepared if something goes wrong. Apart from the medical kit, keep a baby skin care kit with you because a change in the atmosphere directly affects the baby skin. 

pack a medical kit

7. Create Contact Card-

Make a card with all the contact information, the name of the hotel, and the hotel’s contact number. In case, something bad happens or your child loses you, then localities can contact you or the hotel. If your child is old enough then ask them to keep it with them so that they can contact you directly. If your baby is too young and can’t walk, then you can keep notes in the baby carrier

Kida ID card

8. Follow local rules and laws- 

You cannot break the law just because you didn’t know it or you are not a resident. This is no excuse, so be aware of it or learn it beforehand. If you get stuck in such a case, then your kid may have to suffer too. So, go through with all the rules once and stay alert. 

local rules and laws

9. Don’t take unnecessary risk- 

Having kids around comes with great responsibility; you cannot do anything adventurous or risky. Though it is quite obvious, you still have to plan your trip properly. You can carry life vests for your kid in case you are going to a beachy place or any place near the sea. This is an option, so it is up to you. 

dont take risk
By Tanu Mehtani


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