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If your baby is going to experience the very first summer this season, you might be wondering what summer outfits you should choose. The sensitivity of the baby's skin is not hidden from anybody so, it is vital to choose something comfy and relaxing that goes easy on the skin. Of course, you will take your baby to beaches, parks or any outdoor places, so cool baby clothing is a must for those sunny days spent exploring. Here are some top 8 summer baby outfit ideas products with the best quality fabric-

1. Baby Vest- 

If you want something just for home, then baby vests are a cool option. It is very easy for a baby to wear and it comes in so many trendy designs and colours, so you will not have to compromise with style. For a more comfy look, you can select a strap vest, kids love wearing lesser clothes in summers.

summer baby vest

2. Frocks- 

Frocks come in a lot of varieties which are suitable for indoor and outdoor activities. You will have single pieces, frocks with leggings, t-shirts under frocks, frocks with sleeves, frocks with straps and so on. It doesn’t bind the legs of your kid, so they can move freely. Also, get these in several fabrics depending upon your need.

summer baby frocks

3. Sleep Suit- 

Don’t get confused with its name that it is only worn at night. The round-neck, buttonless sleepsuit can be worn during the day. It is just like a set of T-shirts and trousers and it is super comfy. The button top wear is so easy for kids to wear, but that is recommended to wear at night. You will get the set at pocket-friendly prices at the best kids' wear stores.

summer baby sleep suit

4. Rompers- 

are specially designed for babies because rompers are comfortable and last longer than other clothes. It is easy to wash and it fits in the budget too, so go for it for budget-friendly kids' wear shopping. Rompers have buttons at the bottom it is very easy to manage them with babies. Some rompers come with attached socks and that won’t be suitable for summer baby outfits.

summer baby rompers

5. Baby Leggings-

Having so many leggings and t-shirts will give you more outfit ideas. You can mix and match it to make so many new outfits. You should have some extra pair of leggings with you always. These are helpful even while travelling.

baby leggings

6. T-shirts/ Top wear- 

T-shirts and shirts are the basic clothes which need to be in every kid’s cupboard. While going anywhere, you can make new sets, and mix them with any leggings. T-shirts come with cute graphics or lines written on them, making them even cuter than before. Always have a stock of t-shirts and leggings with you. Buy sets of these to get them at discounted prices and also, look for collar t-shirts, which look too good on little kids.

summer baby tshirts

7. Baby Body Suit- 

There are these comfy and well-fitted body suits which are just perfect for a beach day.  A body suit is so comfortable that your child can wear it at home too. Beat the heat with these comfy outfits rather than going for something fashionable.

summer baby body suit

8. Bottom Wear/ Shorts- 

Bottom wear doesn’t always mean leggings, especially for kids. Here are some shorts in trendy colours and designs which your kid can wear outside too. It is a very good product for this summer. Even if your child grows, shorts have hardly some issue of size.

summer baby shorts


These are a few products which are going to help you this summer, for more such pieces and more variety, visit the kids' wear store in Chandigarh, or you can explore through an online site. Order the best products without thinking twice because this store assures you of quality products.

By Tanu Mehtani


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