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Our love for winters is never going to fade and we have to agree on this point that sometimes it gets too cold to bear. We have to add some extra layers while dressing up and our skin starts getting dry and patchy. If our body reacts like that, then think about infants. Baby care has always been a major concern for new parents. Changing weather changes your responsibility and attitude toward baby care. If these are the first winters of your baby, then you have to be extra attentive.


1. Add up Layers-

Add up layers of clothes

 Using winter baby clothes to protect them from decreasing temperature is the foremost thing. Use warm and comfortable baby clothes, so you don’t have to add a bundle of layers. Usually, babies get quite uncomfortable while moving their legs or arms which lead to major discomfort and uneasiness to them. You can remove the layers while entering a warm area, also, makes sure to use heaters if it gets too cold to handle.


2. Use the right skincare products- 

Use the right baby skincare products

A lot of baby skin care products will tempt you but stick to the basic skincare routine that you use, that your doctor has also approved. Winter skin care products from proven brands should be a part of your routine. Don’t get attracted to new products in the market; it can lead to skin or hair damage. Keep the skin moisturized and avoid getting any cracks or dryness on the body of your little one.


3. Avoid heavy blankets- 

avoid heavy blankets

To avoid the cool breeze from entering your body, some companies use harsh materials or heavy materials to make products. Strictly avoid using heavy blankets for babies. It will become difficult for them to breathe in those blankets and they will feel trapped. We are sure that you don’t want to trap your baby in those heavy and fluffy blankets which won’t even let your infant move.


4. Room temperature has to normal- 

Avoid heavy blankets

Use humidifiers or machines that control the temperature and heaters and keep checking it again and again. A balanced room temperature will do the job mostly. This way you can protect them from harsh winter winds, also, keep the windows or doors closed for a balanced room temperature. This will also decrease the number of layers on your baby and keeps them comfortable.


5. Avoid going out-

Avoid going out in winters

Don’t take your baby out in winter unless it’s too important and makes your trip short. Go back and forth in the car and keeps them protected and safe. Along with it, use car care products and items for a safe car ride. Your baby should not feel trapped at any cost. Use car heaters to balance the temperature and use convenient car belts. Moreover, keeps the head and feet covered, because fever attacks from there only.


6. Don’t miss out on Vaccinations- 


No matter how much you care for your baby’s health, they are prone to infection. They will get sick no matter what, so it is important to vaccinate your baby according to schedule. Proper vaccination gives them the power to fight against diseases and infections and it boosts their immunity too. It leads to a healthy future too, so in case, you forget the appointment or you miss it, make sure to get that vaccination done on time.

By Tanu Mehtani


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