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Gone are those when women have to wear loose-fitted clothes during pregnancy. It is not that era when women used to feel ashamed of their baby bump. It is the time when we find these things cute and as a result of that, brands have launched cute maternity clothes ideas for every pregnancy body type. Enjoy each phase of your motherhood by flaunting your baby bump and buying specially crafted maternity clothes. Every body type is different, so we have a range of clothes which is a good fit for all the ladies.

Cardigan On Dress

Wear long dresses and cover them with a long cardigan. Dark coloured clothes make you look slim so if have a plus-sized bump or it is visible more, then you can use this idea. For the initial few months, people will not even notice that you are pregnant. So, it is a great idea for the ladies who want to hide it for a longer period. You can easily buy maternity dresses in Chandigarh for the finest quality.

maternity cardigan

 Maternity Leggings

Swap your trousers with elongated leggings that will stretch with the size of your bump. It is a must-have for a mom-to-be because leggings are highly flexible so it would be easy for a lady to go anywhere or do anything. You can wear it under dresses or even under short-length tops. Also, you can get it in multiple colours, so will have plenty of options for clothes to wear. Leggings are the ideal choice for yoga and loungewear.

maternity leggings


Jumpsuits are easy to wear relaxing you from all the complications of planning the match or something. The pants are joined along with it providing more convenience to women. Jumpsuit designs are breathable having extra space in the belly area allowing women to relax and move around very easily. Wear any t-shirt beneath it and you’ll be done for the day. Jumpsuits have a good number of varieties, from printed to solid colours, from texture to denim look, you can update your wardrobe with these.

maternity jumpsuits

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Maxi Dress

Maxi dress should be renamed to the most comfortable dress for any woman. It will literally justify its name better. A deep neckline, loose sleeves, waistline just above the bump and A-shaped style is just perfect for any mom-to-be. You can wear it at your house or even while going out. It highlights your baby bump so much and that is going to look so cute.

maternity maxi dress

 Form-Fitted Dress

There are few dresses in the market which are skin fit and yet comfortable. It all depends on the fabric of the dress, just like with the leggings. Soft and flexible fabric with highlights your baby bump but you will be so comfortable while sitting or walking, that this dress will become your go-to for every outing. The best part of such dresses is that they will fit you in the initial stage as well as in your last trimester. Dark colours will make you look slim so if you wish to flaunt your bump, go with light colours.

maternity form fitted dress


Women used to wear Kaftans at home but now the designs are transforming and people have been using kaftans to wear outside too. This comfortable dress is now in trend and you should definitely think of buying it. For all pregnant body types, kaftans are the finest choice. You can wear it anywhere without any hesitation. Style up your kaftans with basic and light jewellery and flat footwear.

maternity kaftans


Being pregnant is not a cakewalk; women have to adjust to many things, accept new changes and avoid what they love. So if you have an opportunity to wear trendy and classy outfits while being pregnant, then don’t let this chance go. Check out the wide range of clothes and other maternity items you’ll need during this time. Also, you can buy products for your newborn, visit the walk-in store to buy maternity dresses in Chandigarh

By Tanu Mehtani


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