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Raising a newborn during COVID-19 has become difficult. Check out this Q&A post from Mums Mall to understand how you can keep your baby safe in this pandemic.

Keep Babies Safe During COVID-19

Welcoming a new member into this world is always amusing and miraculous. If you are a parent already or about to have a baby, you would like to provide your child with a beginning that is best and will do everything that you are capable of.

But in this era of SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19, it is understandable that you must be worried about your baby. Certainly, no parents in this world want this problem for their children and want to know how they can keep their newborn safe during this time?

Raising and nurturing a little one during this pandemic is a complete challenge. Not just you need to take care of your baby but yourself as well to avoid any health problems. If you are stuck and flooded with questions, you don't have to become stressed. With proper care and hygiene, you can combat this COVID-19 pandemic easily. Now the question arising here is how you can keep your baby safe and healthy during COVID-19?

This Q&A from Mums Mall will help you to navigate the ever-changing safety concerns.

1. What are the indications of COVID-19 in little ones/infants?

COVID Symptoms in baby

Most Babies are showing mild symptoms than adults when we talk about COVID-19. Some of them don't show any sign at all and still are infected. The symptoms in babies can be

I. Fever
Ii. Cold (Runny Nose)
Iii. Cough
Iv. Diarrhea

In severe cases, babies even do vomiting and can have shortness of breath.

2. How can we safeguard our newborns at home?

If you are parenting newborns, you cannot expect them to wear masks. So the finest thing that you can do for your infants is to maintain proper physical distance. It is a common practice that people often come to see a newborn. To safeguard your baby, you should put a hold on this practice. Instead of it, you can connect with your relatives or loved ones through video calls, chats or social media. Also, follow the practices that you have been following to avoid COVID that includes proper handwashing and cleaning surfaces that are highly touched.

Social Distancing

3. If our baby is exhibiting flu-like symptoms, how can we understand whether it is COVID-19 or seasonal flu?

If you see that your child has goopy eyes, cough, fever, stomach pain, nausea and vomiting, you should consult with your pediatrician. If the doctor feels the indications are of COVID-19, they will provide you recommendations for further treatment.

4. What if the mother is tested positive before baby birth

Pregnant ladies have a higher risk of COVID-19 infection than non-pregnant women because of immunity alterations. If the mother has got COVID before the baby birth, then the baby is temporarily distanced from the mother after birth to lower the risk of COVID-19 transmission. Also, the infant should be given the care with proper precautions such as hand gloves and masks to avoid infection through respiratory droplets.

5. If the mother is COVID-19 positive, can she breastfeed the baby?

Until now, breastfeeding has not been associated with COVID-19 spread. But there is limited evidence that it can't be. The COVID virus has not been found in breast milk but it can be passed on through respiration. To eliminate any chances of transmission of infection, a mother should take proper precautions by keeping the contagious nature of the disease in mind.

Because the virus may not be transmitted through breastfeeding but it may infect your baby with the way you are lactating your infant. Wash your hands prior to touching your little one. Wear gloves to hold the baby and wear the mask to avoid respiratory transmission. If you use breastfeeding pumps or bottles, keep them clean as well. Remember breastfeeding is important for infants for their growth and immunity.

6. Is COVID Vaccine Safe for Pregnant Women or New Mothers?

There is currently no data that can show that the vaccine has impacted any breastfeeding or pregnant woman. If you are lactating an infant, it is suggested to take two doses of the vaccine from the same vaccination product.

Vaccination For Pregnant Lady

You should follow some safety tips after the vaccination

1. With proper vaccination, you need to avoid crowded places and follow social distancing.
2. Don’t take any other vaccination for at least 14 days after taking the COVID-19 vaccination.
3. Although it is suggested to stay home according to the situations, yet the best thing is to avoid travelling as much as you can immediately after the first and second dose vaccination.
4. Don’t stop following COVID-19 transmission precautions because vaccines take time to build up the immunity of the body.

    7. How can you keep your infants safe during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

    Parenting a baby during the pandemic has become challenging and difficult. It is making parents helpless however there are some important things that you should follow to keep your baby and family healthy and safe.

    1. Good Hygiene

    You may have heard it many times but washing your hands often with soap for at least 20 seconds can protect you and your family from this threatening disease. Also, avoid touching anything when you go outside. You can use gloves if you have to touch surfaces.

    2. Wearing a Mask in Public

    You can't tell your babies to wear masks but the parents can wear the masks in public. To prevent the virus from spreading, it is important to stop direct contact of open-air and respiratory routes. Therefore, wear a mask whenever you go outside.

    Safety with Mask

    3. Social Distancing

    Social distancing is the most important practice that you need to follow to safeguard yourself and your loved ones. A distance of a minimum of 6 feet can protect you from harmful disease.

    4. Clean the important stuff

    Clean all the things that are highly touched in your home. When it comes to babies, you should clean baby toys, accessories and daily items with warm water. Also, clean the high touch surfaces on the regular basis.

    It is true that raising a newborn in such a pandemic has become worrisome but with proper precautions, you can figure out the ways to live a safe and healthy life for you and your family.

    By Tanu Mehtani


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