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Every newborn needs extra care and attention, especially during extreme climates. The summer months can be particularly challenging with soaring temperatures that can expose the baby to risks from scorching heat and extreme sunlight.  It can cause sunburn, scrapes, bites, and much more to the vulnerable skin of the baby. As a parent, you might be confused about how to keep the baby cool and safe in summer.  What clothes to buy? Which baby store to go to? What to make the baby eat? and many such questions might pop up in your mind. 

The harsh and extreme summers can be easy to manage if you use some effective tips for protecting your child from the summer heat. The following tips might help keep your baby safe from heat:

Keep your baby Hydrated

The best way to keep the body temperature cool in the heat is to keep the body hydrated throughout the day. If your baby is an infant, you can make them drink a little more water. On the other hand, a toddler engaging in physical activity should be given water every 30 minutes. However, don’t choose soda, fruit juice, or any other carbonated drink for consistent hydration.  Particularly, when you see signs of dehydration like dry mouth, dizziness, dark yellow urine, fatigue, sweat, or sunken eyes, increase the fluid intake of your child.

Use sunscreen

Whenever you take your baby out in the heat, make sure you apply good baby-safe sunscreen. You can buy one from a reputed newborn baby store. You can use a water-resistant sunscreen with SPF 30. It is important to apply sunscreen for at least 20 minutes before going out in the sunlight which will let it absorb well into the skin. If you stay for a long time in the sunlight or go swimming, you can reapply after 2 or 3 hours.

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Make your child wear protective Headgears

For infants and toddlers, you can make the child wear protective headgear like cotton caps or hats. The toddlers might even wear sunglasses. This will protect their head, eyes and skin from direct sunlight and prevent their body from getting dehydrated. However, the headgear should not be heavy because it might make the child sweat more and irk them. You can always buy a good and perfectly fitting headgear from any baby store.

Dress your newborn baby in loose clothing

The body temperature of a newborn baby is higher than adults which makes it important to keep the child cool in summer. The best way to keep your child comfortable and cool in summer is to make them wear soft and breathable clothing made from natural fabrics like cotton. You must not choose polyester clothes that can make the baby sweat more. However, you must change the light clothes if the baby is near an air conditioner.  Also, avoid any kind of multi-layered clothing for your newborn.

Baby oil Massage

A good baby oil massage in summer can keep the baby's skin cool and hydrated.  But, choose the oil carefully and it should be washed off well after massage. Otherwise, the oil can clog skin pores and will not let the skin breathe for long.  You can buy Skin-friendly baby oil from any newborn baby store.  Baby oil massage will stimulate the blood circulation relaxing the child for a good sleep in a summer afternoon.

Baby oil Massage tips

Use a baby mosquito-repellent cream while taking the baby outside

The presence of bugs, mosquitoes, and other insects rises in the summer months. So, you need to protect your baby's delicate skin from mosquitoes and bugs. There are multiple mosquito repellents available in the market. But regular insect repellent creams can harm the baby's vulnerable skin. So, for toddlers, choose dermatologically approved mosquito repellent. However, it is not advisable to use an insect repellent cream for a baby under 6 months. You may use a mosquito net instead. Also, clean the air conditioners or coolers regularly and don't let any water get stored in your house that might increase the breeding of mosquitoes around the house.

Stay in shade

If possible, try to stay in shade and avoid direct exposure to sunlight in extreme heat. You can use an umbrella, tent, or any kind of shade to keep the body temperature of the baby cool. Direct exposure to sunlight can cause sunburn on the child's skin.

You can protect your little one during summertime by implementing the above-mentioned tips. The best way to beat the summer heat is using soft and loose clothes with the best quality skin products like sunscreen and massage oil. It will keep the baby cool and comfortable in increasing temperatures. 

For this, you can always trust Mum's Mall, a renowned baby store in Chandigarh.  You can get a wide range of high-quality clothing and skincare for your little one and keep them safe in extreme heat.  It is a one-stop store for all your baby care needs in the summer. 

By Tanu Mehtani


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