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Breastfeeding is a way to build a connection with your child. When the soft skin of babies touches yours, they start feeling warmth and comfort. Breastfeeding is a crucial part of motherhood which is quite difficult to understand without experiencing it. There are various problems faced by new moms during this journey and it is important for them to be aware of every secret that can make their motherhood easy. With our wide research, we have jotted down a few points that can make breastfeeding easier. 

Breastfeeding Secrets that Every Mother Should Know

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1. Pump the other Breast- 

While your baby is involved in suction from one breast; you can pump the other breast to increase the flow of milk so that your child can have plenty of it. This method tricks your body to produce more milk and it is a proven way too. 

pump the other breast

2. Keep on Switching-

Switch frequently during the process, which means, if your baby has used the left side at once then try feeding him from the right side the next time. It produces more milk in your body and it helps the baby to get full easily. It reduces sore nipples and relaxes your body too.

keep on swithcing

3. Latching and Unlatching- 

Latching a baby is not hard at all, but unlatching a baby becomes tough sometimes. Even while sleeping, the baby’s suction is quite tight, which can cause pain to you while removing it. So instead of pulling it back, put a finger in the baby’s mouth and release yourself easily. It won’t disturb their sleep and won’t even cause any pain. 

Latching and Unlatching

4. Eat More Feed More- 

Your diet directly affects your baby’s health. If you will eat properly, then your body will produce a good amount of milk. Mother’s milk is the only thing which a baby can have in the initial stage, so make sure to produce a good amount of it and even if you can’t do it, don’t get stressed over it and talk to your doctor.

Eat More Feed More

5. Change the Place and Position-

Experiment with the place and position while breastfeeding and choose the most comfortable place which relaxes your body and lets the best out of you get to your baby. In fact, you can do it while pregnant; you can make a spot of yourself where you can feed your baby. 

Change the Place and Position

6. Don’t wait till 8 months- 

If you want to offer the bottle to your kid then make sure to do it after the first month and before completing the second month. It is tough for a baby to adapt to bottled milk after 2 months. It will become difficult for you and your child if you wait long enough. Babies often get sick too, if you will force them for bottled water.

Don’t wait till 8 months

7. Maintain good Hygiene-

Keep your breasts clean, dry and free from any bacteria, fungus and infection. Sometimes a baby can get sick if the surface area is not fit for him. This may become difficult for you but keep your breasts exposed for some time in a day, to avoid any infection and fungus. Clean it every time before you feed your baby. 

Maintain good Hygiene

8. Keep Breastfeeding Products Handy-

The products which you need while feeding your baby should be kept near you so that you don’t have to find them every time your baby cries in hunger. You can make a bag and keep it at the very same place daily, so if you need anything, that would be handy. The products like breast pumps, your most comfortable pillow, breast milk storage pack, heating pads, nipple butter etc. You can get these products online too and keep a stock of everything, just in case, you get out of stock.

Keep Breastfeeding Products Handy


Sometimes women get so panicked while thinking about breastfeeding a baby, which shouldn’t be the case. Just understand the process and follow it properly, it would not be a problem. Let your baby have your milk as much as they want and always comfort them while feeding. It is the most personal moment for a baby and his mom, so connect with your kid as much as possible and get all the maternity products from a baby care store in Chandigarh.



By Tanu Mehtani


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