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Taking care of your baby skin in winter is crucial to saving them from dryness. Read this post to know the essential products and tips for baby skin care in winter.

Baby Skin Care in Winter

With the winter coming in, care must be taken to ensure that your little ones stay healthy. However, during this season, babies can suffer from dry skin due to the effect of cold weather and central heating. Children who aren't bathed and cared for properly this time of year can develop redness or even eczema, which causes itchy red patches.

When caring for babies in this season, remember that dry, chilly winds can lead to dry skin for both you and your baby too! Therefore, you will need to take extra care when it comes to just keeping your little ones’ skin moisturised.

Must-Have Products For Baby Skin Care in Winter

Winter skincare for babies can be a bit of a challenge. Babies are more susceptible to dry skin and other skin problems, so what's really important is finding solutions that will not irritate your child's sensitive skin. But even the best solutions designed for babies often come with fresh scents which can turn out to be quite strong. After all, there are no two babies who smell alike!

What every parent should focus on is creating the perfect balance between products that nourish your baby's skin thoroughly and products that don't interfere with their little ones' natural pungency. To prevent dryness during the colder months, keep these top baby skin care essentials in winter close so you can keep your baby's sensitive skin soft, healthy and moisturised.

Baby Massage Oil

Baby Massage Oil

Moms can give their babies a relaxing massage once a day in the winter season when the air is dry and the cold is harsh. Hydrate and nourish the baby skin with a light, non-greasy massage oil that soothes and plumps up the skin. Babies love the feeling of their mom gently rubbing their bellies, giving them a relaxing and happy feeling. This will leave your baby's skin feeling rejuvenated and healthy.

Baby Body Wash

Bath time during the winter can be tricky, as your baby’s skin is more prone to dryness during this time of the year. In order to best keep your baby’s skin hydrated, choose a gentle soap-free skin wash that contains natural ingredients that clean and nourish her skin without leaving her feeling overly greasy or dry. Go for a tear-free formula that offers a non-irritating, hydrating wash having a creamy texture to ensure that your little one’s delicate skin stays soft and smooth all through winter.

Baby Shampoo

As you're doting on your baby's soft skin one thing to take into consideration is her scalp, which without proper care can easily become dry and flaky. A gentle hypoallergenic shampoo will create a situation in which her precious hair gets the TLC it needs. Whether she cries during bath time or not while getting a wash, make sure there are no tears because most of the shampoos come with a guarantee that they are pH neutral and enriched with moisturising creams that gently clean little locks to make them soft and smooth!

Baby Lotion

Baby Lotion

A baby lotion is an essential part of your baby care routine. You can use it to keep your infant's skin nourished and smooth all day. It should be gentle, hypoallergenic, and made with organic ingredients that deeply nourish and soften your baby skin and are free from dyes or fragrances.

Baby Face Cream

Different babies have different needs, especially when it comes to using creams on their sensitive faces. Make sure to read product directions carefully to ensure you’re choosing the right cream for your little one! We suggest using one that hydrates the skin with essentials including lipids, antioxidants and minerals that can be found in many oils or nutrients. A face cream acts as a shield and soothes and nourishes your baby skin to avoid huskiness which is often caused by cold air.

Lip Balm

Dry lips are common in the first few months of life. Babies drool a lot, which can easily irritate them. Drooling excessively will lead to the development of chapped and cracked lips, so when you notice this occurrence keep a close watch on the affected area to notice if there's any redness or soreness. Make sure you provide some protective ointment or balm on your baby’s lips using an unscented formula made with safe ingredients.

Baby Wipes

Who doesn’t have a couple of boxes of baby wipes at home? Whether it’s for securely cleaning up messes or changes, nothing gets the job done as well as a big package of soft, hypoallergenic baby wipes. There are liquids for this and sprays for that, but we believe that reusable fabric is still where it’s at - so we offer nice cloth wipes, free from harmful chemicals such as alcohol or parabens. Soft on your little one’s delicate skin, thoroughly hydrating, these cloth wipes will take care of messes quickly without causing them not to go away forever.

Diaper Rash Cream

Baby Diaper Rash Cream

During the winter months, an infant is more susceptible to diaper rash, which can be caused by excessive moisture between the diaper and the baby's bottom. This moisture can cause irritation and redness and can be especially harmful in cold winter months. To avoid this irritation and rash, use a diaper rash cream to moisturize the bottom area. Rash Cream contains hydrating agents which can eliminate the rash. Petroleum jelly can be applied to make a moisture resistance between the baby's bum and the diaper.

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7 Tips For a Healthy Baby Skin in Winter

Baby skin is generally smooth and soft but sensitive as well! It’s necessary to pay extra attention towards the baby's delicate skin. Here Mums Mall is presenting you with some tips that can keep your baby skin healthy and hydrated during the winter season.

Spread Thick Layer of Moisturizer: If any area of your child's skin looks dry put on some baby moisturizing cream or a thick ointment such as petroleum jelly. Rub gently until it feels smooth. This will help to improve the appearance of the skin.

Layer up with Soft & Warm clothes: Your baby has delicate skin that is easily affected by the weather. Heat, cold, and humidity can negatively affect skin, hair, and nails. You can avoid that by dressing your child in the right thing. When the weather is too cold, your child can wear a hat, mitten, jacket, and pants.

Layering Up a Baby

Avoid Overbathing: Infants only need to be bathed every three to four days. They are sensitive to temperature, so if the water is too hot or too cold it can cause skin irritation or water logging. Use lukewarm water, specifically for a baby having 3 months or less age. It is also important to have a soft washcloth, soap, and shampoo or body wash on hand.

Utilise Humidifier: Humidifiers are helpful in the winter because the air in the home is very dry. During winter, due to dryness, you may face itching. To overcome that, you need extra moisture in the air that could help your baby to have less dry skin.

Stick to Scent-Free Products: Pick the products that make your baby skin smooth and don’t have any artificial fragrance or scent as they can cause irritation.

Massage Baby Skin Daily: You can massage your baby to improve blood circulation and keep the skin soft and bouncy. You can massage him for 10 minutes every day. The massage should begin with oiling your baby's skin and stretching it. Then, you can massage his body as well as his limbs by touching and pressing on the skin. It soothes your baby skin and keeps it smooth.

Massaging a baby

Moisturize Post Bath: Using a gentle cloth, pat the baby dry after you are done with the bath. Then, when the skin is still slightly damp, but not wet, apply a thick cream or lotion on it. The best time to do this is within three minutes of the bath, while the water is still on the baby's skin.

Avoid Over Bundling Baby in Clothes: It's not always easy to know what to put on your baby and whatnot. An infant's delicate skin can be irritated by a wide range of fabrics and materials, including many that are common in clothing, blankets, and sheets. Overbundling a baby can cause irritation and sweating that can result in skin problems. Therefore, you should be mindful of temperature and fabrics while dressing up your little munchkin and avoid over-layering of clothes.

As stated above, winter can be hard on your baby’s skin. Although it looks like a challenge, it doesn't take a lot to keep your munchkin’s skin healthy and hydrated. Keeping your child clean is the best way to avoid skin irritations. By using products that are made specifically for infants, you can help your baby maintain soft, hydrated, and healthy skin.

By Tanu Mehtani


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