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Dressing babies for winters can be tricky for parents. Check out 7 tips to dressing your babies appropriately for winters and protect them from infections.


Winters are on the way! Parents do everything to save themselves and their babies from infections. From dressing up to taking care of their hygiene, everything matters to them. But babies need much more care than grown-ups. Neither they have strong immunity nor can they tell you if they are not comfortable about something.

Newborn babies are more prone to illnesses and viruses. To keep your little one safe from infections, in winter, you should dress her up in a way that it keeps her warm throughout the time and appears to be smart and cute.

Here, we are sharing 7 tips on how to dress your baby for winters. These tips will make dressing your baby a little easier.

Pick the Suitable Fabric

Selecting the right fabric is crucial to keep your baby cosy and warm. Always choose the material that is best on your little munchkin’s delicate skin and keep her warm, for instance, thermal clothes or woolen clothes. Both types of fabric are best for the winter season.

If you are opting for cotton fabric, ensure the baby is layered up in the right manner.

Layering up

Dress your baby as you dress yourself and then add a layer. Layers are an excellent bet to keep your baby cosy and warm. You can start with the bodysuit and add a top layer of one piece of fleece or add warm socks under booties to cover your tiny tot's tiny feet. Use wool or polyester clothes as the base layer and then add to it. Make sure that layering is not irritating your baby.

Use Snuggly Blankets

Baby Blanket
A blanket is essential for baby care. Whether you are indoors or travelling outdoors, it is always good to carry a snuggly blanket for your baby to maintain the body heat. Instead of layering up your baby with extra clothes, just wrap her in the blanket to avoid cold.

Comfy Sleep Sack

Sleep Sack or sleep cum carry bags, are always better to safeguard your baby from chilly nights. Ensure the sleep sack is of premium quality and keeps your baby cosy. Choose the sleeping sack that is breathable, warm and made of lightweight fabric. 

Mittens, Hats and Hoodies

If you are travelling outdoors, you should add more protection to your tiny tot’s body parts. Your little one’s ears and head can get cold instantly. Protect her with warm and cosy hoodies and hats. Pick the accessories that are soft, snuggly and skin-friendly.

Also, tug mittens and booties over your infant's hands and feet if they are exposed. You can go for the bodysuits also that have hand-cuffs in it.

Stroller Accessories

If you are planning to go on a walk with your baby or take the baby somewhere in a stroller, then make sure that she is covered appropriately. Baby body parts such as ears, hands, head, feet are more prone to catch a cold easily. So, before going out, dress her up with the warm and cosy baby suit, gloves, socks, pants, sweatshirt and a snowsuit.


You can also use a car seat cover or rain shield to safeguard your baby from humid and chilly winter days. These covers can make your tiny tot toasty. Eliminate the rain shield or cover, once you are indoors or in some cosy place.

Co-sleeping Helps 

Whenever you sleep with your baby, you are benefitting her with your body heat. Do not bundle up your baby with so many clothes that she starts to swelter. Just use a winter bodysuit, leggings and snuggly blanket or sleeping sack for the night when you are sleeping with her.

In a Nutshell

Winter is a dry and harsh season that can be tough on your infant. But with proper baby care and dressing, you can avoid the impact of chilly nights on your baby’s health. Babies can lose their body heat rapidly, so ensure to take all the best practices to keep your little one toasty and comfortable.

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By Tanu Mehtani


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