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7 Myths and Facts of Pregnancy

When a woman is entering the phase of motherhood, there are many things she has to cope with. The morning sickness, the cravings, the pregnancy fatigue, the mood swings, the bouts of rage can be tough, but it's nothing compared to what she is about to go through.

Pregnancy is one of the times when you will hear a lot of advice from well-meaning people. You might be thinking whether their suggestions are true. Pregnancy is when you will become more conscious about staying healthy and taking care of your baby. But it is never easy to filter and determine what information and advice to follow and what to avoid. The first few weeks of motherhood are up on the list of the most difficult and tedious times on earth. So, what can you rely on? What information can you trust?

Myths and Facts of Pregnancy

Pregnant women are bombarded with so many pregnancy myths that they end up struggling to know what is true and what is pseudoscience. This makes them worry unnecessarily and take stress. Getting rid of these myths is thus very important. This blog thus looks at different pregnancy myths that need to be debunked. It will help you to sift through the information and find the most reliable and factual information to help you during your pregnancy.

Myth 1 - Exercising During Pregnancy Can Hurt Your Baby

Women who exercise during their pregnancy are often afraid they'll hurt their unborn child. But there are no solid reasons for concern.

Exercise During Pregnancy

Fact: Doctors actually recommend getting moderate aerobic activity throughout the course of your pregnancy. For most cases, doctors will not allow pregnant women to practice any new forms of physical exertion simply because their bodies may react negatively towards them, but for daily household chores they are generally considered to be okay.

Myth 2 - Some fruits should be eliminated from diet to avoid miscarriage

It's an old wives' tale that you should not include cooling fruits and vegetables in your pregnancy diet as it can lead to miscarriage. Fruits like green bananas and cucumber are especially harmful and you should definitely steer clear of them if you plan on having a child in the near future!

Fact: It's nothing but pure nonsense. There is absolutely no proven study to back this up at all and will only do you harm in the long run! If you feel like eating something then go for it!

Myth 3 - Pregnant women should eat double the amount of food

A woman needs to consume 300 extra calories a day while pregnant. The myth that a pregnant woman needs to eat double the quantity of food to feed both the mother and the baby is not true.

Fact: During pregnancy, a woman's appetite increases and she may feel more hungry than usual. It is very important to make sure she consumes the right amount of nutrients and calories and it is not necessary to eat more than usual!

Myth 4 - If a Woman Carries Low, it’s a boy and if she is carrying high, it’s a girl

There is a myth that the shape of a woman’s stomach can indicate the gender of the baby.


Fact: This is actually not true! Pregnant women from all over the world have debunked this myth. The shape of your stomach is not an accurate indication of whether or not you are carrying a boy or girl. Women who have been pregnant have said that it doesn’t matter the way a woman’s stomach looks, it all depends on the position of the baby.

Myth 5 - A Pregnant Woman should not take regular bath

Another myth that is prevalent among people is that bathing too often is not good for a pregnant lady.

Fact: This is a very common myth, but the opposite is true! You should clean your hair and body during pregnancy to reduce your chances of getting an infection. The water will help keep your skin healthy because it will remove any harmful bacteria, which is extremely important after several months of not being able to clean your skin properly. In fact, many doctors say that a bath once a day is fine as long as the water is not too hot.

Myth 6 - Consuming Saffron and Oranges Makes Baby Complexion Fair

There is a myth that eating saffron and oranges during pregnancy will make your baby more fair.

Fact: This is not true! The color of your baby's skin, eyes, and hair are primarily determined by genetics. A baby's skin color is determined primarily by the genes of the father, while the mother's genes determine the baby's hair color. While some cultures have had the myth that saffron will make the baby more beautiful, this is not scientifically proven. Your baby's skin color is determined primarily by your genes.

Myth 7 - Heartburn during pregnancy can result in having a baby with more hair on the scalp

Regular Heartburn can have an effect on your baby and they will have more hair on their scalp at the time of the birth.

pregnant woman having heartburn

Fact: Heartburn in pregnant women is caused by the hormones in the body. Women who have heartburn are at no increased risk in having a hairy baby! If your baby was going to have more hair on the scalp, you'd have a lot of hair on your scalp too. It just doesn't work that way. If you have a lot of hair on your scalp, your baby probably will too, but it's not because of heartburn. It's because your genes determine whether your baby will have more hair on the scalp or not. This is a misconception and nothing about it is true!


Due to hormonal imbalance, you may have to face lots of challenges during your motherhood journey. It’s extremely likely that the minute you announce your pregnancy, you will be inundated with all kinds of myths and old wives tales. While some may have a grain of truth in them, others can bear no relation to anything close to reality. In such circumstances, It is better to be aware of the true information and facts rather than believing everything you hear or read.

You should consult your dietician or obstetrician before taking any of the information into account. They will be able to give you true information that has been verified by medical professionals or people that have had personal experience with such situations.

By Tanu Mehtani


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