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If you are new parents, you need to stay prepared with all the baby care essentials. Check out 11 baby care essentials for winter to protect your babies from winter ailments.

Baby Care Essentials in Winter

The winter is finally up in India! A season of dry air, chilly winds, lower temperature and low sunlight. If you live in India, you may encounter anything from cold winds and fog to snowfall, depending upon the region you live in. During this season, all you want to do is to coop up yourself in the house but you can not avoid going outside.

Regardless of what region you belong to, winters have adverse effects on us. When it comes to babies and kids, you need to be more cautious because the challenges are more, with them. Babies are susceptible to the seasonal changes and they can't even express their concerns.

Dressing up a baby properly is required but there are many other things that need to be taken care of to protect babies from harsh winter. Therefore, it is one of the responsibilities of the parents to stay prepared with winter essentials for their little ones. 

Baby Care Essentials for Winter

Baby Care Essentials

To make parenting easy and cope up with the baby winter problems, Mums Mall has brought a list of baby care essentials that can prevent your tiny tots from the unfavourable effects of the cold winter season.

1. Cosy Baby Sweaters or Jackets

To keep your baby warm and cosy, a baby sweater is a must-have in winter. Go for the soft wool material clothes that are neither constricting nor spacious. Ensure that the fabric is light-weighted, breathable and smooth on baby skin to avoid any irritation.

Pick the ones that are not treated or processed with toxic chemicals or dyes. Babies grow quickly so pick one size larger than what your baby needs.

2. Woollen Caps

Babies can catch a cold easily because their nose and ears are some of the most sensitive body parts during winter. Use woollen caps to cover the head of your little ones.

Make sure that the caps are not excessively thick or tight for little ones' heads. Thick caps make babies uncomfortable and sometimes result in irritation.

Baby Caps

3. Socks, Mittens and Booties

Not just the head, you need to protect your little one from head to toe. To keep your tiny tots’ feet and hands warm, pick some cosy and trendy socks or booties and mittens. Go for the woollen or cotton fabric and choose the socks that are thick, comfortable and easy on baby’s skin. 

Remember to choose the pairs of socks and mittens that fit your baby well.

4. Baby Diapers

As the weather gets colder, the little ones tend to pee frequently. Invest in some good quality disposable diapers during winter to avoid the chances of ailments. If you prefer to use cloth diapers, you may find difficulty drying them properly.

In case you are using cloth diapers, ensure to change them frequently as wet nappies can irritate your infants

5. Baby Moisturizers and Creams

The harsh season of winter can make your baby’s sensitive skin extremely flaky and dry. To keep little ones’ skin supple, hydrated and soft, pick gentle and good quality moisturizers or creams that nourish your little ones' skin.

Ensure to choose the baby moisturizers or creams that add adequate hydration to the baby skin. Opt for the creams or lotions that are free from chemicals and allergic elements.

Baby Cream and Lotion

6. Baby Blankets or Quilts

Regardless of what area you live in, you need to cover your baby with some cosy and snuggly blankets to safeguard them from the cold breeze at night. Understand the fact that babies are more prone to the impacts of seasonal changes than you.

Buy soft, snuggly and light-weight blankets or quilts for babies that are made with pure natural fabrics. 

7. Baby Thermals 

If you live in an extremely cold area, then it is suggested to buy thermals for your cutie pie. You can opt for body warmers or undershirts and then add layers on it.

Go for baby thermals that are a comfortable fit and work in harmony with your baby’ skin.

8. Layered Clothes

Layer up your baby with bodysuits, sweaters, fleece and shawls, if needed. Use clothes made of wool or polyester base and then add layers to it. Layering clothes on your infants keep them warm and cosy.

Baby Clothes

Ensure that you are only layering up and not loading the clothes on your baby else it can result in suffocation.

9. Baby Massage Oil

Massage is crucial for your baby's growth and development. Massaging infants daily helps to stimulate the flow of blood and keep the skin hydrated. Ensure to do the massage gently with good baby massage oil.

It not only keeps the baby’s skin hydrated but also adds a beautiful glow to the skin.

10. Medicines

In winter, germs and infections are most active due to low temperature. Babies have low immunity and thus they are more prone to infections or diseases such as cold, cough or flu. Keep the medicines of common infections handy.

You can utilize antibacterial wipes to wipe your tiny tot’s hands and avoid germs. Also, consult your paediatrician in need.

11. Warm Food for Baby

If your babies are at the stage where they can intake liquids, then it is the right time to add some warm food in your little one’s diet. You can include soups in your babies diet to keep them warm and full.

Including nutritious food in your baby’s diet boosts immunity and makes your baby healthy.

Mums Mall
Along with the above-mentioned baby care essentials from Mums Mall, you need to take other preventive measures as well to safeguard your baby. Proper hygiene and comfort are necessary for the baby's health. Also keeping your baby hydrated and warm is important to combat this chilly winter season.

Mums Mall is a baby shopping hub providing you with all baby care essentials, from comfy head to toasty toes, to keep your baby happy, warm and healthy. Being one of the best baby shops in Chandigarh, we provide all baby care solutions to make your motherhood joyful and comfortable. To get the premium quality baby products, shop with Mums Mall today!

By Tanu Mehtani


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