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While some believe that parenting is a job that requires you to be on your toes 24/7, others consider it as a beautiful journey that is all about making lovely memories with your little one. This journey has its milestones and challenges, but undoubtedly it is also the most rewarding experience one can have!  Each one of us strives to be a perfect parent. However, we all need to understand that there isn’t a ‘One size fits all’ formula for being a good parent. It’s all about nurturing your child with love and affection and learning new things each day. Also, we all need to remember that all parents make mistakes. The reality is that no one is equipped to be perfect and you learn with time. Being a parent is a big responsibility but with helpful hints and tips from parenting experts, you can become more confident. An important aspect of parenting is making the right choices for your little one. Whether it is about the clothes the child wears or the toys he/she plays with, the right decisions can go a long way in raising independent and confident kids.  Here is a list of 10 most common mistakes parents make with their new-borns: 

Not prioritizing the comfort of your Child for clothing and footwear

As a Parent, you must never compromise with the comfort of your child. The skin of babies is delicate and even a minor discomfort can irritate their skin. You must try to keep your child comfortable and relaxed. For instance, if you choose fancy wear for them to be worn on any special occasion, you need to check its fabric and be sure that its design won't irritate the skin of your baby. 

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Not purchasing the kids wear based on weather conditions

Before you go for Barbie or Spiderman clothes, do you think about the weather? The weather has become unpredictable and you can't rely on the month or time of the year to get an idea of the weather. You will need to consider the daily weather while dressing up your child to keep them fashionable yet comfortable. Choosing a natural fabric like cotton for summer is both skin-friendly and sweat-absorbent.

Getting wrong sized clothes for your tiny tot

Wrong sized clothes for your little one can be uncomfortable, and look weird. For instance, if you get too tight or too loose outfits then they will lose their beauty. Even the wrong size clothes might cause a fall or minor hurt when your child will not be able to manage it. 

For this reason, always choose an outfit that is perfect in size. You can look for size charts on the internet or shopping portals for a better idea.

Lack of proper hygiene

Infants have low immunity and are prone to infections. So, it is important to take more precise care of their hygiene and prevent germs from getting closer to them. For better hygiene and health of your child, you must use proper hand sanitizers and make them bathe with shampoos and soaps that won't be harsh on their skin. There are special germ-free soaps for kids that can help you maintain good hygiene for your child.

Use of harsh diapers

It is common for babies to get rashes and red skin with the use of harsh diapers. Your child's skin can become irritated when it's tight, wet for long, filled with chemicals, or made from harsh material. The best solution can be the use of more skin-friendly and high-quality diapers. You can keep the diaper area of your child open to the air for 5 to 10 minutes after changing it. Moreover, change it as soon as it gets wet. At a Baby store, you can buy rash creams and wipes that are gentle on your child’s skin.

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Not protecting them from mosquito bites

Mosquito bites can be dangerous for a newborn. With babies, one has to be extra cautious about their safety. Mosquito bites can cause diseases like Dengue, Chikungunya and Malaria. Infants are an easy target of mosquito bites and this can cause severe allergic reactions and skin rashes. It is important to use a mosquito repellent that is dermatologically tested, chemical-free and is gentle on their skin.

Long baths

A newborn baby’s skin is soft and extremely sensitive. To keep their skin hydrated, you must bathe them in lukewarm water for about 3 to 5 minutes. Don't let them soak or play in soapy water for long. While dressing up your baby, apply a baby lotion or moisturizer. Also don't rub their wet skin with a towel, rather use a soft cloth to pat it dry. 

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Not changing diapers consistently

It is advised to change the little one's diaper every 2 to 3 hours. If you wait till it leaks then it might cause skin problems and irritation. Moreover, a wet feeling can irritate the baby's skin. Additionally, avoid the use of harsh soaps and baby products in the diaper area.

Using too much soap and other baby skin products

The skin of a baby is delicate and using a lot of soaps can lead to skin problems. The soft skin of a baby doesn't require a lot of soap and a small amount of soap, oil or moisturizer is enough. Remember, not to leave the baby's skin wet. While purchasing baby skin products, be very careful about their quality and be consistent in the use of brands. 

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Not cutting the nails often

The nails of a newborn baby are small but grow fast. So, you will have to cut it twice or thrice a week. Otherwise, children might harm themselves by scratching it on the face and even it accumulates dirt over time. The preferred way to cut a baby's nail is the use of baby nail clippers. 

You can avoid the above-mentioned common mistakes and take better care of your child. However, the best way to ensure good skincare and the well-being of children is the use of good quality baby skin products and clothes. It will keep them calm and relaxed and will also prevent irritations. 

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By Tanu Mehtani


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